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English Language Bible Camp

For Teenagers 2012

For ages 13 - 18 year olds

Mindenkit szeretettel várunk az angol tinédzser táborba legyen bár teljesen kezdõ vagy profi az angol nyelvben. Lesz bibliatanulmányozás, angolórák, DVD-nézés, sport, zene, játékok, kézmûves foglalkozás, kirándulás és kiscsoportos megbeszélések. Tehát érdemes hozzánk és anyanyelvû segítõinkhez csatlakozni. Idén azt fogjuk tanulmányozni, hogyan állnak össze a bibliai történetek olyan egésszé, amibõl megértjük Isten nagy tervét. Mindezt angolul, de magyar fordítással. Ebben a közegben nemcsak nyelvtudásod fog javulni, hanem Jézust is jobban megismerheted valamint új barátokat és életre szóló élményeket szerezhetsz!


2012 is of cause the year of the London Olympics which many are eagerly awaiting. An event which isn’t so eagerly awaited is the end of the world, which some say is 2012. So are we living in the 'end times'? During Awesome Camp we will be looking at what the Bible has to say on the subject of ‘end times’. We will look through the different sections of the Bible as we seek to find out how the Bible all fits together to show us God's big plan.

Team Leaders

We are pleased that yet again in 2012 Awesome Camp will be led by a more than capable team of leaders. The outstanding international team are made up of Hungarians plus Neil, from Wales, Lyns from Ireland, Heather from the USA, Mane is our regular German representative and this year for the first time we have the lovely Sara also from Wales. Each leader is a Christian who has a passion for working with teenagers. So you can be reassured that there will be the right mix of fun, games, English and of course a spiritual depth to the whole camp.

Yes Awesome Camp is an English language but it really doesn’t matter what level of English ability you have to attend the camp. From fluent expert to complete beginner all are welcome. All activities will be translated into Hungarian and all Bible talks with also be translated. What we really want to focus on is creating the friendly environment were all have the conversance to practice spoken English with mother tongue speakers. We know that there is a huge leap between learning the language in the classroom and actual speaking it in everyday use. So with this in mind our whole camp is an English lesson but we will be setting aside time for a more formal English lessons throughout the week. These lessons will be led by our mother tongue speakers and we hope by the end of the week that not only will your English ability be improved but also that our international team might have learnt just a little of the warmth of the Hungarian language.

There will be no getting away from the fact that this summer is London Olympics. This without question is the biggest sporting event in the world. Although it will grab all the news attention it isn't the only sporting event the British are organising this summer. This summer exclusive to Awesome Camp there is also the he Awe-lympic Games. It may not be as big as the London 2012 games but we will guarantee you that it is the most fun filled sporting games to be held this summer. So come along and experience the best alternative sporting event this summer. Events will include the three legged race, the relay race, egg and spoon race, sack race, welly wanging and much more! Are you ready for it?

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