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Szentírás Szövetség, Hírlevél, 2012. tavasz

Élménybeszámoló: Neil Potts

Download: Hírlevél PDF

Scripture Union Hungary. Spring newsletter 2012

Includes an article on 2011 Awesome Camp when we used the Christianity explored youth material for the first time in Hungary. Download SU Hungary newsletter below:

Download SU Hungary English newsletter PDF (may take some time)



Awesome Camp Pioneers New Kereszt Kerdesek mikro.

In the summer of 2011 Awesome Camp had the privilege of pioneering the new 'Kereszt Kerdesek mikro' material in Hungary on behalf of Szentírás Szövetség. Szentírás Szövetség had been busy translating the booklet and Bible teaching material from the original English version but they were not translating the accompanying series of talks on DVD called 'SOUL'. So we went ahead and translated the full set of talks form the SOUL DVD and produced our own Hungarian DVD. The DVD talks proved to be an essential part of the overall ‘Kereszt Kerdesek mikro’ material. It was a great success during the camp and following our feedback to Szentírás Szövetség they decided like us, that you can’t have the ‘miro’ material without the SOUL DVD and vice versa. So they have now bought the publishing rights to the DVD and are using Awesome Camp's translation as a foundation for producing the DVD in Hungarian as well. The Kereszt Kerdesek mikro is now on sale throughout Hungary.


Upon hearing new about Awesome Camp pioneering the new Kereszt Kerdesek miro and SOUL DVD we had this response from the Chief Executive of Christianity Explored Ministries (Kereszt Kerdesek), Ian Roberts:

“We love hearing stories about how the material's been used particularly when they're good ones! In fact this is such a good one I could imagine us wanting to use it in some of our publicity at some stage.”
Ian Roberts: Chief Executive, Christianity Explored Ministries.


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