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2012 Camp Dates: July 29th - 4th August

Awesome camp is a follow-on camp to ‘King’s Club’and is held each year at the Bible Centre in Dömös.

In 2010 after much discussion and communication with various different groups regarding the proposal of the teenager camp, the whole concept grew into the format that is now ‘Awesome Camp’. The name of the camp was chosen because of its meaning ‘awe’ (inspiring) and its slang meaning (amazing).Not only does the camp need to be awesome in the slag meaning but also Awesome in its true meaning. The camp was successful in providing for all those teenagers who had become too old to attend the King’s Club children’s camp. Our aims were to inspire the teenagers to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, to improve their already existing relationship with Lord Jesus Christ and also to improve their spoken English ability. It was a real blessing that the camp was held at the Bible Centre in Dömös, the centre is located on the banks of the river Danube in the beautiful area of Hungary called the ‘Danube Bend’.